Rim Country Rapid Serve LLC


Rim Country Rapid Serve LLC

Star Valley, AZ  85541
(928) 951-2048
cell (623) 703-0476


Integrity and Professionalism

These traits, while honed by time and experience, are essentially inherent in some individuals, and extend to the businesses they serve.  We take pride in our belief that you will recognize RCRS and our personnel as holding these qualities for the guide in the fulfillment of every service we provide.  

We believe that good service and strong communication will quickly show you that RCRS will be a valuable asset as we strive to be part of your team
  Licensed in Gila County ~  Serving The State of Arizona  

Process Services to all of Rim Country and beyond.   Process Service Order Form 

   We service with personnel out of our Star Valley office to the following locations.  

~~~ Camp Verde  -  Happy Jack  -  Pine  -  Strawberry  -  Payson  -  Gisela  -  Tonto Basin and the Roosevelt Lake area 
~~~ Young  - 
  Christopher Creek  -  Kohl’s Ranch  -  Forest Lakes   -  Heber/Overgaard
And all areas surrounding and  in between.
We can provide cost effective and professional services to virtually all other parts of the state by utilizing our network of affiliates, saving you valuable time and money.

   For your service needs in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, please contact our Phoenix Affiliate Offices of ...........
                       ~~~~ at (623) 521-1251 for more detailed information on our Phoenix area   services, please visit the web site. www.todayserve.com. 

   Document Courier Services
When you need documents delivered, signed, and or returned after signing, we can give you that personal service with short turn around time that many legal documents require.
Mobile Notary Services
If you’re trying to close that contract or sale with one or more participants remote, or unable to be in the same place at the
same time, we can help.  We can transport documents to the signer, or reviewer, get receipts, make notes of issues, and notarize any signatures required.

Digital Documentation Services

When a picture is needed to replace a thousand words, our personnel can digitally document either by photo or video and or audio most conditions or circumstances to meet your need. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Professionalism you can trust
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